Borrowed from Latin and meaning “to cover/uncover/unveil”, our very company name already
points toward  our main activities,  namely:  providing coverage for (almost) any kind of construction opening such as, for instance,  sewer control shafts, well shafts, cable pits, pump/intake shafts, underground entries, emergency exits, smoke extraction shafts - and various other apertures.

Within the specialized  access cover market we offer a comprehensive sales range of standard
products for sewer shafts and cable pits, but in addition to this also develop and design products
for special requirements .(Made-to-measure/bespoke products).

The areas of application comprise all levels of load charges, and the materials processed are selected
with respect to dimensions and static and dynamic – but also chemical – requirements expected in later application. The materials most used are ductile iron, mild steel, stainless steel and concrete – and a combination of these materials.(e.g. steel-concrete composite structures).

By employing personnel with longstanding experience in access cover technique we not only
are in a position to design and manufacture high-grade products but also to  offer  installation
and maintenance work,  both in Germany and abroad!


By this website we want to give you a general overview of our product range and services
and cordially invite you to contact us.